Mimaki TX 300P-1800B

At the ITMA in Barcelona our article Cotton Mako Satin was printed with pigment inks using the Mimaki TX300P-1800 with a design by Dutch fashion designer Tessa Koops. The aim was to demonstrate the strengths of Mimaki's digital printing technology for more creativity, personalisation and profitability in the fashion industry. This highly versatile digital printer will be used for direct textile prin(ting in apparel, home textiles and event textiles.

(Source: ITMA 2019 in Barcelona)

How are textile patterns for our sample cards created? In collaboration with Mimaki, the individual steps from printing to sample card were captured in a video. Printed with pigment ink on 100% cotton on the TX300P was the best choice for us. The result convinced us.

Cotton Mako Satin 125 ( article 9873 )