Cotton touch fabrics for sublimation printing

Digital textile printing processes - such as sublimation printing on fabrics - are particularly suitable for polyester fabrics or microfibre textiles. The colour is applied to the polyester fibre in a gaseous state using heat and pressure in such a way that it is retained even when the fabric is washed.

Unfortunately, classic polyester fabrics often do not have a natural look like cotton fabrics and also lack the haptic properties typical of cotton. The solution can be cotton touch fabrics from IBENA DPI-TEX: brilliant white polyester fabrics that can be printed in sublimation printing and microfibre fabrics that give the whole thing certain optical and haptic properties of a cotton fabric.

Our most popular cotton touch digital printing fabrics:

DyeSub CS Fabric 150 IFR (Article 8918)
Microfibre 85 (Article 9863)