Project: Individualize home textiles
Year: 2018
Application: digital printed beach towel


Beach towels must be able to absorb enormous amounts of moisture (which suggests cotton), but also offer a beautiful print image (which speaks for polyester). We are looking for a quality that combines both and can of course also be used for guest towels, shower towels and other towels.


Two different sides bring color embossing and fluffiness together in one towel.

Beach Towel 290 (article 290)

The top side is made of polyester microfiber, which is easy to print in transfer, whereas the bottom side is made of absorbent cotton.

Technical implementation

In order to make optimum use of the "two-sidedness" of Beach Towel 290, printing takes place using the transfer process. This also ensures, among other things, that the inks used penetrate deep into the fabric and last for a long time.