Flame retardant (DIN 4102 B1)

Flame retardant

The use of very hot light sources at any kind of event always involves the risk of fire. As early as 1879 there was a "local police regulation on fire police in theatres", because fires developed again and again.

Nowadays, the flame retardancy of textiles used is regulated in current building law or in the Ordinance on Places of Assembly.

Flame retardation is required according to DIN4102 or EN 13501.

Flame retardant, digitally printable FR materials from IBENA DPI-TEX include the following:

Test methods Country Standarts Classification
      HPL acc. to EN 438, type F HPL acc. to EN 438, type S, P
Spread of flame Great Britain BS 476:7 Class 1 Class 2
Fire Shaft Germany DIN 4102-1 B1 B2
Epiradiateur France NFP 92 501 M1 M3 or better
Schlyter test Austria ÖNORM A 3800 flame-retardant/Tr 1/Q 1 flame-retardant 1/Q 1
Pannello radiante Italy UNI 8457 UNI 9174 Class 1 Class 2 or better
Reacciòn al fuego Spain UNE 23727 M1 M3 or better
Brandvoortplanting Netherlands NEN 6065 1 2
Smoke density, toxicity France NFF 16.101 Class F2 or better -

Source: http://www.pro-hpl.org/fileadmin/media/info-service/technische_produktblaetter/Brandverhalten_von_Dekorativem_Schichtstoff_Juli_2011.pdf